A Modern Approach

No more costly back office servers or software updates. With a cloud-based POS system, restaurateurs can enjoy 24/7 support included with their subscription as well as free lifetime software updates.

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Use our cloud software to track sales, labor, discounts, staff performance, and more!


Online Ordering

Ditch all those tablets and ballooning commission costs and get on board with our all-in-one platform. Customers can order through your website which seamlessly connects to your POS and kitchen. You only pay for the processing fees that are previously negotiated.

Training Mode

Are you sick and tired of investing time into training new employees on your current POS? We have good news! With training mode, employees can train remotely, they just need an iPad.

Keep it in the Cloud

Modern iPad POS systems store all your data in the cloud making all your data accessible from
any Internet device such as a tablet, computer, or smart phone. Mobile app is available for both iOS and Android.

Offline Mode

No Internet, no problem. Continue to run your restaurant even when your Internet fails. Create checks, fire orders to the kitchen, and even swipe or dip credit cards.

Increase Efficiency

Take orders and accept payments right at the table. Either swipe or dip chip cards and electronically capture customers signature.

Easily Split Checks

Splitting checks is a breeze with assigned seating. Split checks evenly among your guests or split by menu items.

Adjust Table Layouts

Easily create and adjust table layouts on the fly right at the POS station. Create and assign different zones for your servers. Transfer tables to other servers with the tap of a button.

Discounts & Voids

Limit your Discount & Void capabilities to managers only. Set up custom reasons for discounted items and keep tabs on your employees in real time.

Advanced Analytics

Your restaurant reimagined. Gain deeper insights with actionable data through our cloud-based dashboard. Better manage customers, servers, and menu items with real data at your fingertips.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Streamline your BOH operations with a reliable Epson KDS with a kitchen printer failover. Increase order accuracy and preparation efficiency while reducing your paper and ink costs.

US Onsite Installations

Need help installing your new POS system? No problem. We’ll send an IT expert right to your doorstep for only $99 per hour.

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