Available Exclusively for:

  1. MICROS 3700
  2. Aloha
  3. Digital Dining
  4. Positouch
  5. Squirrel POS

Get up to $500 in conversion fees when you join the #1 Restaurant Payments Platform

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How are we different from traditional payment companies? We bring data driven profits to restaurants.

Take it To-Go

Worried about taking that summer vacation? Don’t be, we’ve got you covered.
Our live reporting puts your restaurant management software in your pocket so you can be in control wherever you are.
Track sales, labor costs, discounts, guest behavior, 86’d items and more.

Gain Actionable Insights into your Staff Performance

For the first time ever, restaurants can now accurately compare their staff performance with the click of a button.

No more cumbersome and dated reports, just filter by employee roles to see exactly who is costing you money, and why it’s happening.

Capture Customer Demographics

When your customers pay with their debit and credit cards, we are creating detailed profiles behind the scenes.​

Payment data can be used to retarget your existing customers and gain rare insights into customer behaviors. See who your top diners are, your red wine lovers, or your happy hour lovers using our cloud-based dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends. Our software currently seamlessly integrates to the back-office computer servers for the following POS systems:

  2. Aloha
  3. Digital Dining
  4. Positouch
  5. Squirrel POS

Amazingly, no! Our mission is to disrupt the payments business that hasn’t really changed in a couple decades. Our customers are able to accept payments at no additional cost and gain much more VALUE using our actionable insights to help them GROW sales.

Great question. We adhere to the highest standards in PCI (payment card industry) compliance and provide all of our customers access to free PCI Compliance tools to ensure you limit your vulnerability to data-breaches and attacks.

No problem. In fact, most our customers are in contracts before they switch to our services. Standard payment contracts range from $199 – $499 and are generally bindable by 3 years. We offer up to $500 in conversion fees to help get your business on board with zero out of pocket expenses.

Yes. Our software was developed to bring more value to the payments business. Today, 99% of restaurants pay a payment processor to simply move money for their business and pay fees to do so. With TableCrunch, you get a cloud-based dashboard allowing you to oversee sales, staff performance, labor cost, and much more from anywhere!


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