How ISO’s are Turning Payment Data into Liquid Gold


For those of you reading this post that are unfamiliar with digital marketing, let’s start by explaining how companies like Facebook and Instagram work. First off, most consumers tend to take these “free” services for granted and they demand 100% up time. For the most part, these platforms are very stable and provide nearly 99% reliability. That said, every single post, video, reaction, recommendation, event, or action taken on these sites has to be hosted somewhere so that your content is secure and doesn’t vanish into thin air.


While nearly all consumers expect these platforms to work seamlessly and store their pictures/videos for free, somebody has to pay for the millions of dollars it cost to host all those pictures of grandma at her 85th birthday party.


That’s where the business part of Facebook comes into play. Say what you want about Facebook but, despite all the negative headlines, they have built what many could argue is the best advertising platform the world has ever seen.


Why is Facebook such a powerful advertising platform?




Let’s start by looking at the numbers. Did you know 2.23 Billion people logon to Facebook every single month? Here’s some other statistics you may or may not know:

  • 68% of Americans use Facebook
  • The number of Facebook users aged 65+ has doubled to 41% (be sure to tag grandma)
  • 66% of monthly user’s login daily
  • Americans spend 58 minutes on average per day on Facebook



So, we’ve established that Facebook has a ton of users but why does that make them such a powerful advertising platform? From an impression’s standpoint, Facebook is the lowest cost medium to actually put your brand in front of 1,000 people. It cost roughly $0.25 when running an ad campaign to reach 1,000 potential customers. When compared to traditional advertising like the Newspaper, that’s 128x cheaper to reach the same amount of people (newspaper is $32). That’s just the tip of the iceberg though.


Companies like Facebook and Instagram are basically giant databases of consumer demographics, interests, behaviors, lifetime events, and the works. For example, when you post about dining out with your hubby for your anniversary, they are turning that information into marketing gold.


How can your ISO take advantage of this information?



Let’s use the example of someone with an upcoming anniversary. For those of you selling merchant services, odds are you have customers such as jewelry stores. Imagine if you could go to your clients and tell them you’d like to run highly targeted ads to attract customers within a 15-mile radius who have an anniversary within the next 30 days. To top things off, what if you could tell them that anyone who interacts with their online ads and then makes an in-store purchase will be available at their fingertips.


Okay, you can stop imagining now, we have already done the work for you. Below is an example of how your ISO can launch highly targeted and TRACKABLE ad campaigns that have been proven to drive new customers and new revenue.



To take things even further, by utilizing both the payment and point of sale networks, Adszy makes it easy to understand who your customers are, what items/SKU’s they are interested in, and how to reach them. Imagine an automotive dealer trying to complete with the big box retailers like Valvoline. The Adszy software makes it super simple for the independent business owners to leverage data to target customers currently going to Valvoline. Perhaps they want to attract their “early bird” customers with a discounted oil change between 7-10am. This is all possible and you don’t have to be a marketing genius to offer this level of world-class marketing to your customers.


If we have got your attention, contact us today to discuss how ISO’s offering Adszy can anticipate an average increase in residuals of approximately 27% year-over-year, they can reduce attrition of customers, and develop stickier relationships all while continuing to own their merchant relationships. The whole world is changing, are you?


Adszy is Connecting the Offline

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