Reinvesting Your Cash Discounting Savings



As more business owners continue to adopt Cash Discounting, most of them are pocketing the savings they were previously shelling out to the credit card companies. While saving money is great, we believe that growing revenue is even better.


Let’s use the example of a merchant who is processing $50,000 per month in credit card processing. Assuming they are paying roughly 2.3% all in, it’s safe to say their processing fees are $1,150 per month or $13,800 per year.


No matter what your economic status is, $13,800 per year is a decent junk of change. If invested in the proper channels, merchants have an enormous opportunity to significantly increase their overall return from adopting cash discounting.


Most retail store owners utilizing cash discounting programs are likely not investing their savings into the stock market. Instead, they are purchasing inventory, using it for salaries, maintenance, amongst other things to help better their businesses.


At Adszy, we have developed a platform allowing businesses to actually reinvest some of their savings into the future growth of their business using our proprietary digital advertising platform.


An Elite Subscription with the Adszy platform cost $299 per month and it’s expected that our clientele invests an additional $250 per month into their digital ad spend. All in, a merchant using our Elite Subscription will commit to spending $6,588 per year.


While that may sound like a large number, it’s actually on the low end from a cost perspective when compared to other companies in the advertising world. Afterall, it’s not what you spend, it’s what you get in return.


For the merchant processing $50,000 per month, they can still pocket roughly $7,200 while investing the rest into acquiring new customers.


Unlike traditional payment processors, we provide our clients the rare opportunity to truly turn their in-store consumer data into a revenue generating machine providing sustainable growth for the business. Unlike traditional advertising agencies, we provide our clients a dashboard with indisputable evidence of a return on investment.


So, how the heck does this all work?


By integrating to payment networks, point of sale, and social networks, Adszy is able to provide brick and mortar retailers a hyper-personalized approach to marketing their business. Whether they are looking to serve ads to customers who visited during the previous holiday season, or maybe they own a dog grooming facility and want to seek out new customers with pets in the area, all of this is possible with Adszy.


Most retailers don’t have any clue if their digital marketing efforts are working for them. In order for any business to grow, they must understand key metrics in order for their marketing to be successful. For example, if you don’t know how much it cost to acquire a customer (CAC), or you don’t know which channels are generating the most new customers, then you likely have no idea whether your business is going to grow or decline over the next 12 months.


Our marketing automation tools and professional copyrighters, designers, and analytics managers offer the average mom and pop shop state-of-the-art marketing that is 100% trackable.


Historically, big business tools haven’t been available in the SMB retail sector and the technology hasn’t been sophisticated enough for these businesses to rely on data to become more profitable. That is no longer the case.


Imagine if you could offer your customers a platform that would show them crystal clear return on investment. Let’s put that into different words. Imagine if your customer gave you $1 and you were able to give them $5 back. Do you think they would ever want to leave you?


Adszy is laser focused on brining clarity and transparency to digital marketing for SMB’s and providing them high caliber dedicated personnel to help them identify with their audiences, attract new customers, and grow their business.


Our seamless offline conversion tracking allows us to connect the dots between a merchant’s online ads (think Facebook and Instagram) and their in-store purchases. For the first time ever, our customers can feel 100% confident in their marketing and know with absolute certainty they are getting a return on investment.


While our platform is very sticky for merchants generating a return on their payments processing, it can also become quite attractive for folks selling merchant processing. As opposed to skipping over businesses already utilizing cash discounting, we provide our partner community a lot of arsenal to go after those same businesses with a better offering. In addition, we can increase the annual revenue per account by $3,588 ($299 x 12) providing the reseller margins they won’t find anywhere else.


For merchants who don’t have any interest in cash discounting like a jewelry store with an average ticket of $500, we still have programs that allow them to turn their payments into profits as well. Our packages are priced to fit businesses of all sizes and in many cases, we can simply reallocate the funds (sunk cost) they are already spending with their existing payment provider.


Check out our website at www.adszy.com to see how we are helping brick and mortar merchants navigate the murky waters of digital marketing and bringing more value to their payments processing than ever before.


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