5 Signs Your Social Media Marketer is Clueless


Social media marketing is complex. Since it’s so complex, it’s very easy for business owners to get swindled when hiring their next social media “expert”. Below we have compiled a list to help you audit your marketer to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Here are the 5 Signs Your Social Media Marketer is Clueless:

  1. They have never asked for your website login credentials to instal a pixel on your site. Companies like Facebook will provide a free snippet of code referred to as a pixel. While the pixel was originally developed to help online companies track their conversions, it’s still mandatory that offline businesses like retailers utilize the pixel as well. When you place the code on your website, it will automatically keep a record of every person that clicks on your ads and then lands on your website. This is extremely important because it allows you to retarget those folks with future ads who have expressed interest in your business. Contrary to belief, it takes much more than just one view of your online ads to acquire a new customer. In fact, we find most conversions taking place after an individual has viewed a single ad over 10 times.


2. They have never asked you for a monthly ad spend in addition to funds you pay them for their services. Social media companies want you to run ads so they can get paid. If you don’t pay-to-play, they essentially punish you for it by not showing your content to the masses. In 2012, the Organic Reach was about 17%. For the sake of using simple numbers, if you had 1,000 page followers in 2012, and you posted organically, Facebook’s algorithm would display your content to 17% of your followers or 170 people. Today, the Organic Reach is closer to only 1% forcing businesses to have a paid strategy. If your marketer hasn’t educated you on the organic decline, you may want to rethink using their services.


3. A professional social media marketer does not boost posts, period. If your current marketer is posting daily and putting a little bit of money behind each post, they are likely not yielding many results. In order to provide professional services, your marketer should be well versed in Facebook’s business manager where they can optimize and measure you ad campaigns for the best results. If they are simply boosting your posts, they likely aren’t paying any attention to your key metrics and wasting your hard-earned dollars.


4.If your social media marketer is in fact a singular person, odds are they aren’t experts in analytics, copyrighting, and design. If you want a truly professional marketing strategy that will yield a return on investment (ROI), it’s an extreme rarity that someone has a professional background in measuring and optimizing Facebook analytics, a history of creative writing, and a master in the Adobe suite of products like Photoshop or Illustrator. While these people may be in existence, it’s highly unlikely you were lucky enough to have found them. If you have, please let us know because we would like to hire them.


5. Finally, if your marketer doesn’t provide any tools or monthly reports showing your return on investment, then they likely aren’t making you any money. After all, if they are actually growing your business, wouldn’t they want you to know about that?


If any of the above sounds like your current situation, you may want to rethink your strategy. There are certainly better and more affordable options.