Seamless Offline Conversion Tracking

Is your agency hungry for more data? Adszy can provide you much needed customer demographic data including emails, phone numbers, names, and SKU data with every transaction.

Revenue Share

Most agencies are reluctant to add new technologies because they can eat into their profits. Our unique platform actually provides an additional revenue stream through payment processing residuals while fueling your agency with much needed data.

Ads Tracking

Our simple dashboard provides your clients with more transparency into their social media marketing. They can easily view clicks, impressions, amount spent, and successful offline conversions with the exact purchase amount.

Customer CRM

Capture vital customer demographic data with every transaction and offer your merchants a CRM system allowing them (or your agency) to communicate with customers.

We take partnerships seriously.

We believe the most successful partnerships are built on trust. In addition, both parties must view the other as a necessary equal. Adszy has developed a lucrative platform to offer your agency valuable data to help prove your marketing effectiveness to your clients using our seamless offline conversions.

We also provide a 30% recurring revenue stream for every merchant that is to referred to us. In return, we ask our partners offer their professional social media and digital advertising services to ensure the mutual success of our clients.

Why add Adszy to your Agency toolkit?

Recurring Revenue

Maximize your merchant profitability by adding an entirely new revenue stream through payments processing residuals. All residuals are payed in perpetuity so long as your merchant is an Adszy customer.

Adszy Guarantee

Your customers will always receive top notch support when utilzing Adszy hardware, software, and payment services.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Your customers will be able to easily understand who their customers are, what they like, and how to reach them. Our proprietary CRM system is designed to help agencies take a hyper personalized approach to marketing.

Transparent Reporting

The modern merchants demands accuracy and transparency when it comes to their marketing dollars. Our offline conversions data and campaign reporting makes it simple to see total ROI, impressions, clicks, ad spend, and more.

A Cloud Ecosystem

Amazingly, no. In fact, you get a 30% recurring revenue stream on your customer’s payment processing adding an entirely new revenue stream to your agency.

Adszy provides an optional (recommended) 30-60 minute software onboarding and training to set your customers up for success. Depending on your customers service level, our onboarding procedures may consist of setting up an ad account, installing a Facebook Pixel on a website, creating digital ads, copyright, or optimizing ad campaigns.

We are focused on setting our customers up for success by driving new customers through their doors. Our product is more valuable when a merchant has a professional agency doing their marketing. Agencies help Adszy to distribute our product and scale.

Currently, Adszy is compatible with Poynt and Clover. We have future integrations underway.

Adszy makes it easier for agencies to capture more data and provide their customers indisputable evidence of return on ad spend (ROAS).

Adszy has a 12 month service agreement.

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