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Could Twitter and Square Merge?

This post was originally featured on Reforming Retail. If you follow @Jack on Twitter, it’s no secret the guy is incredibly bullish on Bitcoin. On the surface, it’s seems quite odd that someone who owns a centralized social media platform … Read More

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Why I Believe Bitcoin Will Hit 2MM Within 20 Years

As I write this post, Bitcoin is currently trading at $32,000 with a market cap of 602 billion. As an avid supporter of Bitcoin, I wanted to take the time to provide a detailed explanation of why I believe Bitcoin … Read More

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Why ISO’s Should Adopt an Opt-Out Software Platform

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard to predict the future. For most payment professionals, the pandemic took a major toll on retail merchants and, in turn, your residuals. March sparked new life into your cash flows … Read More

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Apple vs. Facebook and the impact on advertising

In case you missed it, Apple and Facebook are in what could be described as their biggest feud to date. It’s no secret that the two companies haven’t exactly gotten along for some time now. That said, this latest feud … Read More

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Growth Hacking for Restaurants: 10 Things You Should Do Immediately

Below we have compiled a simple outline of 10 Things You Should Do Immediately to put your restaurant in a position for growth.   Step #1: Get a Modern POS If you are using an old clunky POS system with … Read More

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How Your Restaurant Can Reopen with Massive Success Amid COVID-19

As we approach mid-May, it’s been nearly a month and a half since most restaurants in the country either closed their doors or had their sales slump over 50% on average. A tough pill to swallow indeed. As a restaurant … Read More

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Is COVID-19 forcing restaurants to embrace innovation?

  Restaurants are currently being rocked to their cores as the fallout from the unexpected Coronavirus continues to sweep the globe. After making its presence known in the US just months ago, nobody anticipated the impact that an infectious disease … Read More

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Marketing Your Jewelry Store in 2020

As 2019 comes to an end, most business owners are thinking about two things; filing taxes and coming up with a marketing strategy for 2020. While we do not provide advice on taxes, we can certainly recommend our partners over … Read More

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Merchant processing should be your secret weapon to grow your business, not your enemy.

You know an industry has a bad rep when merchants get pissed off if you utter the words credit card processing to them. Is it possible that merchants have been so badly abused by payment companies that they actually become … Read More

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