ISO/Agent Program

How payment companies can stay relevant in the era of crypto

As more threats continue to emerge for MLS’s and ISO’s, payment providers should be taking action today to protect themselves for when the inevitable happens, their payment residuals become worthless. At Adszy, we believe that blockchain and crypto are undoubtedly … Read More

How much more money could you make if you matched everyone’s rates as opposed to saving them money?

After conducting a little research and talking with payment agents/ISO’s, we have drawn the conclusion that the average MLS (merchant level salesperson) has to save a merchant $100 to convince them to switch their payment processor. While it was very … Read More

How ISO’s are Turning Payment Data into Liquid Gold

For those of you reading this post that are unfamiliar with digital marketing, let’s start by explaining how companies like Facebook and Instagram work. First off, most consumers tend to take these “free” services for granted and they demand 100% … Read More