Create, send, and track email campaigns in just minutes.

Upload logos, pictures, change hex colors or fonts, and segment your customers for hyper-personalized marketing. View your ROI in dollars, not clicks.

Drag-and-Drop Email Builder

Use our drag-and-drop email builder to send beautiful emails custom-tailored to your brand. No coding or tech expertise required. Easily automate campaigns and track your ROI down to the penny.

Expand your brand presence with every transaction

Your Adszy dashboard can seamlessly capture customer emails with every payment transaction. Build your database quicker and keep your brand top of mind with email marketing.

Get hyper-personalized with industry specific templates

Save time with templates

Craft the perfect email in just minutes by choosing from one of our templates. Drag and drop your logo or photos, change hex colors, and update fonts to match your brand.

Count dollars, not clicks

Stop counting vanity metrics like clicks and opens, start counting real revenue with Adszy’s conversion tracking.

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