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No. TableCrunch pulls your customer data including name, email, phone, purchase amount, purchase items, and date on each transaction automatically.

We offer up to four different automations that you can activate to ensure your marketing is on auto-pilot. Just login to see your results.

We use an algorithm that will track if a consumer opens your email and then returns to the business and spends money via credit or debit card within 5 days.

Clover, Poynt, and PAX systems. Only PAX Smart terminals with the ability to collect emails and phone numbers are compatible with TableCrunch. For example, the A920 is the most common PAX device we work with.

TableCrunch is sold through payment companies. Please contact your payment provider.

As long as you are using an integrated POS system or Smart Terminal, you should be collecting customer data. We encourage merchants use online ordering, online bookings, reservations, electronic receipts, and QR code ordering for best results.

Yes, at the bottom of each email, customers have the ability to opt-out of receiving your marketing.