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Offer your merchants automated marketing and grow portfolio valuations with integrated technology.

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Offer automated payment marketing technology

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We do not offer merchant services — bring your own payments


Auto-enroll merchants using integrated POS technology

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Why partner with us?

Founded by retail technology veterans, we know ISO’s have a lot of choices when it comes to new products. TableCrunch was engineered to help ISO’s bring more value to their merchants while increasing portfolio valuations.

In the past, we have seen a number of successful opt-out programs that primarily revolved around micro-merchants using brick credit card terminals. Instead of integrating with legacy technologies, we’ve partnered with leading smart terminal and POS providers to bring your sophisticated merchants even more value.

Using our opt-out program, you can auto-enroll your Clover, Poynt, and PAX merchants into an innovative and automated marketing service that will deliver real return on investment to your clients. Unlike micro-merchants who are more likely to opt-out or churn, your savvy customers are far more likely to embrace our service while you increase your profit per merchant.

With TableCrunch, we don’t aim to steal the show like a point-of-sale system. Instead, our technology can be onboarded within minutes and quietly does it’s job in the background while you maintain full control of your merchants.

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Fast Onboarding

Enroll hundreds or even thousands of merchants in 1 week or less


Focus on your sales efforts while our automated marketing does the work

Portfolio Valuation

Increase portfolio valuations with integrated recurring software revenue

Bill Your Merchants

Add a license fee to your merchant processing statements

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Partner Inquiries
“We were paying an ad agency $2,500 per month. We switched to TableCrunch for a fraction of the cost and are seeing better results."
Alex Cupp
Owner, The Stellar Hog


TableCrunch offers Phone, Email, Slack, and Chat support from 8am-5pm CST for both ISO’s and the merchants. If the ISO wants to provide front-line support to their merchants, that can be accommodated as well.

It takes approximately 1 minute to successfully onboard a single merchant. We can onboard several hundred merchants in less than a week. For thousands of merchants, please allow 1-2 weeks.

Clover, Poynt, and PAX systems. Only PAX Smart terminals with the ability to collect emails and phone numbers are compatible with TableCrunch. For example, the A920 is the most common PAX device we work with.

All merchants using one of our integrated POS systems or Smart Terminals have the ability to collect emails and phone numbers. Whether it’s through online appointments, electronic receipts, online ordering, QR codes, reservations, etc. ISO’s and Agents should educate their merchants on the importance of data capture for marketing.

Both the ISO and TableCrunch is required to keep records of their active merchants. If merchants are opting out after the initial roll-out, we can update the billing monthly or quarterly to accommodate the ISO.

TableCrunch extends a license per MID to the ISO. The ISO marks up the license fee to the merchant and enrolls them via the merchant processing statement.

We offer cobranded marketing collateral and pitch decks for all our integrated POS and Smart Terminals.

TableCrunch requires a minimum new license purchase for new merchants. This depends on the size and scale of the ISO. Please contact us for details.

The opt-out is designed for larger ISO’s who want to integrate technology into their portfolios and deliver more value to merchants. The ISO auto-enrolls merchants via their merchant processing statements and TableCrunch bills the ISO. Merchants can opt-out during the initial roll-out phase to avoid billing.