Start selling technology, not rates.

Leave the rate slingers of the credit card processing industry in your rear view mirror. With our technology first approach, you can provide your clients sustainable growth tools designed to fuel sales.

Increase Margins

Grow your payments business or ISO by offering your merchants a comprehensive marketing platform that drives real business growth.

Prevent Churn

Integrated technology helps to create stickier relationships while allowing ISO's & Agents to still own the customer relationship.

Technology over Rates

Adszy turns payment data into valuable marketing insights for business owners. They can launch highly targeted ads, acquire new customers, and become more profitable.

Build a Better Business

Let us guide you in building stickier, more meaningful relationships with your customers. Close more sales, reduce your attrition, and grow your residuals faster with Adszy.

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Every penny saved is a penny lost when it comes to selling credit card processing. Just like you, your customers are business owners who want to grow their business. They aren’t fixated on shaving pennies like the industry has led you to believe.

Adszy allows you to take a different approach. You can hold more margin by offering your merchants a “rate match” and providing them tools to drive new customers through their doors. ISO’s & Agents should anticipate a 27% increase in recurring revenue when selling Adszy, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Industries Served & Target Markets

Merchants processing over $300,000 with an average ticket size of over $25 are typically the best customer profiles for the Adszy platform. Below are some examples of our awesome customers.

  • Retail (Jewelry Stores, Boutiques, Tanning Salons, Nail Salons, Dry Cleaners, Hair Salons, Dog Grooming, Dog Day Cares,  Pet Food Stores, Medical Spas, Gyms, Health Food Stores, Vitamin Stores, Dentistry, Eye Glass Stores, Chiropractors, Bicycle Shops, etc.)

  • Automotive (Repair, Oil Change, Car Dealers, Detailing, Window Tint, Graphics, Car Wash, etc.)

  • Restaurant (QSR and FSR)

Why you should consider adding Adszy to your payments toolkit

Ads Platform

Digital marketing is complex. Adszy makes launching targeted ad campaigns simple using our proprietary software. Merchants can easily connect the dots between online interactions and in-store purchases to acquire new customers.

Adszy Guarantee

We understand your business is built on payment processing residuals. As part of our agreements, we guarantee to never poach payment residuals from our partner reseller network. You will continue to own your merchant relationships.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Stop losing customers to the rate slingers. By offering your merchants a CRM system, they are less likely to forego pertinent customer data like emails, transaction history, and purchasing behaviors.

Let's Build Together

Early adopters of the Adszy Software have a rare opportunity to help us build a platform together. We want to hear feedback, get product requests, and provide our mutual customers sustainble growth.

A Modern Approach

Yes. Adszy is a technology company first, and a payments company second. Registered ISO’s can bring their own payments (byop). For agents, it is generally more economical to use Adszy’s payment processing (optional).

Adszy provides an optional (recommended) 30-60 minute software onboarding and training to set your customers up for success. Depending on your customers service level, our onboarding procedures may consist of setting up an ad account, installing a Facebook Pixel on a website, creating digital ads, copyright, or optimizing ad campaigns.

The Adszy app can work with all major payment platforms; TSYS, First Data, Chase, Vantiv, Elavon, amongst others. Fill out the form below to inquire about specific payment providers not listed above.

Currently, Adszy is compatible with Poynt & Clover. We have future integrations underway.

Adszy works very closely with both ISO’s/Agents to present a business growth solution for your customers. This allows payment representatives to be able to hold their margins as opposed to saving merchants money which ultimately cuts into their own profits. 

We provide in depth training to get you and your team street ready to sell Adszy. Some companies prefer to have their Channel Managers present product demos whereas others like to present the product themselves. We also offer professional pitch decks, go-to-market strategizing, co-branded marketing collateral, access to our Salesforce Partner Community, and much more.

Yes, Cash Discounting works great with Adszy. Some resellers lead with the software to target merchants already on cash discounting to offer them more value OR they can reinvest their savings into their ad spend to significantly drive new revenues.

Yes. Adszy takes both payment card security and consumer data security very seriously. All of our data is encrypted using the latest security protocols.

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