Upgrade to a Smart Terminal

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Cloud Connectivity

Connect employee scheduling, payroll, accounting, marketing, payments, and everything you need to run your business.

Omni-Channel Commerce

Accept payments anywhere. In the aisle, at the register, online, on-the-go, and much more.

World Class Marketing

Every merchant account comes with world class trackable digital marketing software. Launch targeted Facebook, Instagram, and Email Campaigns.

Turn payments into profits

Your payment processor should not be your worst enemy, it should be your best friend. Our technology platform can help you save time, money, and even acquire new customers.

Streamline your business and save time

We empower your small business to operate on all cyclinders; Payroll, Payments, Marketing, QuickBooks Sync, eCommerce, Capital, and so much more.

Upgrade to a Smart Terminal

Get a fully customizable smart terminal up and running in minutes. Check real-time sales data and inventory, track customer spending habits and collect their direct feedback.

Market to your Customers

Use your customer data to send highly targeted and trackable Facebook, Instagram, and Email Campaigns. 



Customers Served

Adszy works with all kinds of retail merchants to help them streamline their operations and grow sales. Payments shouldn’t be a sunk cost, it should be your key ingredient to grow your business.

  • Retail (Restaurants, Jewelry Stores, Boutiques, Tanning Salons, Nail Salons, Dry Cleaners, Hair Salons, Dog Grooming, Dog Day Cares,  Pet Food Stores, Medical Spas, Gyms, Health Food Stores, Vitamin Stores, Dentistry, Eye Glass Stores, Chiropractors, Bicycle Shops, etc.)

  • Automotive (Repair, Oil Change, Car Dealers, Detailing, Window Tint, Graphics, Car Wash, etc.)

  • Restaurant (QSR and FSR)

Smart Technology is the Future of Retail

Ads Platform

Digital marketing is complex. Adszy makes launching targeted ad campaigns simple using our proprietary software. Easily connect the dots between online interactions and in-store purchases to acquire new customers.

Adszy Guarantee

All merchant accounts come with a price lock guarantee so you don't ever have to worry about rate increases.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

The Adszy CRM automatically creates detailed Customer Profiles so you can get to know your customers better than ever. Use our CRM to take a hyper-personalized approach to your marketing.

Customer Feedback

Get instant feedback from your Customers by offering them Email and SMS Text receipts. They can provide honest feedback while decreasing your chance for negative online reviews.

A Modern Approach

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